I made a blog post about going to see The Vamps last night! Have a read if you like!



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How long after arriving at someone’s house is it appropriate to ask for the WiFi password?

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I decided to make a blog on blogspot so if anyone wants to have a look/follow me i’d appreciate it :) It’s going to be mostly what i’m doing with my life, going to concerts & things I like

etc, and of course photos of my dogs


I’m going to be severely disappointed if my marriage doesn’t end up like either of these two.

My thoughts on McBusted:

First of all I’d like to mention that McFly have been my favourite band since I was 9 and that I will never have a bad word to say about them. When busted were around I loved them but I was a little kid and it’s different to what I’m like with McFly. I would hear them on the radio and on TV and I loved it.
Fast forward a few years and I am caught up in the McFly bubble and loving every minute. I’ve been up and down the country, camping out for tickets and signings and spending all my wages on the latest thing they’re up to.
Then McBusted happened and I was over the moon. I was at the Royal Albert Hall shows and had a sneaky suspicion something Busted related was going to happen. When Matt and James ran out on stage I remember turning to my friend and saying “Is this really happening!?”
I was lucky enough to go to 5 McBusted shows. Every night was brilliant and you just have to look at them to see that they are enjoying it. I know there are people that don’t like Busted and I get that but the way I look at it, McFly always say that they are gonna be here forever so on the grand scale of things taking some time out of McFly to focus on McBusted is nothing. Although it may seem like it’s been happening for ages remember they have been a band for 11 years and I know I’ll look back and think was I really annoyed at that!?
For me personally as much as I want album 6 I know part of me will be missing McBusted because I’ve had so much fun this past year thanks to them.

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The last one made me BURST out laughing in the office! Had to try and show co-workers without letting them see the REST of my dashboard. AWKWARD!

Tears from laughing!!!! I love dog shaming posts. They’re so cute!

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British Summer Time 2014 @ Hyde Park 

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